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Steam Cleaning Grill Brush

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Steam Cleaning Grill Brush You Need No longer to Worry about the most annoying part of Grill!

The griller's clean and sterilize your grill easily with a Steam Brush to prepare healthier and tastier food. You don't want eat the leftovers,right?

Natural cleaning done easily with steam, without chemicals.Safe and healthy for food. 


Designed for protecting hands from the heat - hangs on convenient hanging hook

Easy-care Dishwasher Safe durable stainless steel brush heads built to last, Won't Damage your porcelain, cast iron and steel grill grates



Uses the power of steam to clean tough baked on food and grease as you brush.
Stainless steel bristles for durability but safe for steel, cast iron, or porcelain grills.
Specially designed stainless steel bristles clean in between grill grates and surfacs.
2 Sided head can be detached for easy cleaning.

How To Use:
*Preheat the grill.
*Fill the grill brush with water(knob should be in off position)
*Turn the knob on.
*The water hits the hot grill turning it into steam that cleans the food residue and grease.
*For stubborn marks and surfaces flip the brush and use the scraper brush.

Handle Material: Plastic
Brush Material: Steel Wire
Weight: about 400g

Package includes:
1 x Steam Cleaning Grill Brush

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